Festival of Quan The Am - Ngu Hanh Son

  • Time: March 24, 2019

  • Location: Quan The Am Temple campus, Ngu Hanh Son District.

The festival of Quan The Da Nang – Ngu Hanh Son originated from a purely religious ceremony of fellow Buddhists. It is the ceremony of the Buddha Quan Yin on the 19th of the lunar month every year. Through the Quan The Am festival, the image of tourism in Da Nang City and Ngu Hanh Son District is increasingly promoted to domestic and foreign tourists.

In 2000, the festival of Quan The Da Nang – Ngu Hanh Son was classified into the 15 major festivals of the country. Since then, the Quan The Am – Ngu Hanh Son festival has become a big festival bearing the traditional culture and rich content that not only attracts many monks, nuns, Buddhist Buddhists in the country but also It also attracts visitors who are not Buddhists to enjoy, worship and visit.

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